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“We went down the hill”: Presentation

“Sognarsi mortali”: una recensione di Dario Talarico al mio “Gente della mia vita”

Titos Patrikios, 2009

Complexity: a simple introduction


on the border

“Trieste live”. Interview about “Youth, Culture and Institutions V edition

Identitarian process: on “Anatomia del colpo di scena ” di G.Manfridi

Migrations and exoduses

Amadou Jawo, drama of non acceptance and the Right to citizenship

Legal existece and Citizenhip: The problem of accepting migrants

Ethics and “The City”

Civil obedience/disobedience


September 24: The ‘complexity of Ethics’. I talk about it for the RIA boradcast Sconfinamenti

September 16th: right of/ right to (after the Summer School on the citizenship of “minors”

After some years…

2013, May 15th: Aby Warburg and the human tragedy

2013, 6 maggio: Marvellous Schubert! //Emmanuel Levinas

2013, 4 maggio: Paul Hazard and “Europe”

2013, April 14: Political Technology and Politica Theology (Scattola)

2013, april 13: “Political Theology” (History of a concept – Scattola)

2013 april 12: “State laicism” in Tomas Hobbes (according to Carlo Galli)

2013, April 11: “Ecclesia” (Definition Thomas Hobbes)

2013 april 10: The human perfection is “secular” (Herder, Ideen…)

2013 april 8: Political Theology as Stasiology (Carl Schmitt)

2013, March 14: “Secolarizzazione” e filosofia dlela storia (Karl Löwith)

2013, march 9: “Secularism” between dialectic and practic Theology (Barth)

2013, March 7: secolarization and modern culture of freedom (Troeltsch)

2013, March: On “Secularism” (Carlo Galli and Thomas Hobbes)

2013, February 28: “Baby” Gabriella (Qureshi)

2013 February 25: “Modern Science” and “Secularism” (Hans Blumenberg)

23 gennaio 2013: Carl Schmitt/ E.W. Böckenförde

22 gennaio 2013

17 gennaio 2013: “Thoughts”

17 gennaio 2013 Foucault: What is Enlightenment: notes

15 gennaio 2013: Political Theology, notes

14 gennaio 2013: “the coulour of the years”

Happy New Year 2013

Christmas 2012

2012 December 21

Triest 2012, December 21: “Le molte case dei miei ritorni”, introduced by Alda Guadalupi

12 december, 2012: “Our citizenship” (Project Etica del volontariato)

2012 November 15th: a significant day

2012 november 15th: Launching of my new book of poems!

November 10th 2012

2012 November 2nd: launching of “Note di viaggio” by Tristano Tamaro

2012 October 12

2012 October 5

2012 September 29

2012 September 23

2012 September 21-23

2012 September 21

2012 September 21

2012 July 11

2-5 July 2012

2012 June 22

2012 Mai 31

2012 Mai 24, Trieste Libreria Minerva

Scutari 21 aprile 2012

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