Truth as a process and not as a possession , writes Ignatius Licata. Complexity as a becoming of knowledge. From physics to social sciences, from big data to game theory and the art of governing, from the  sciences of matter to economics, complexity is a key concept of our age, based on information control and behavioral predictions.This book explains how to deal with the new that advances, how to update our cognitive models and filters, how to avoid giving in to the fascination of the Theories of Everything and the easy control of the algorithms. Because more is different: it is not enough to add the “parts” – physical, psychic, social, economic, etc. – which compose reality to understand it: “Complexity is seeing in every direction the proliferation of infinite stories, the overcoming of an ancient unbreakable and aseptic glass between observer and observed, which gives man the full awareness of his being an active agent , an actor who can write much of his narration. And to do so, he can not simply limit himself to calculating the probable on the existing, but must develop the vision that allows him to bet on the possible and on the not yet “.