Alda Guadalupi has introduced to an attentive and excited public the book of Gabriella Valera Gruber “Le molte case dei miei ritorni. Poesie (Ibiskos Editrice Risolo 2012). The event took place in Sala Giubileo of Hotel Filxenia, kindly given by the Eastern-Greek Community in Trieste. Alda Guadalupi spoke with poetic stregnth, intertwining her own thoughts with many selected lines from the poems of the Autor.

“It is this way that, line after line, Gabriella arises, as a blue light that suddenly can tell us how much she loves us, remembering her immeasurable silences. Gabriella is able to offer us her humanity when aknowledges to be part of the world and umbly reflects about the irreparable cruelty – her words- of what is not to understand:

(Reading p. 13 of the book)

Io chiudo gli occhi / tu, per favore raccontami. / So che saprai raccontarmi parole di verità./ E se poi con la tua mano / la mia spalla sfiorerai / io chinerò il capo / pacificata forse / con la parola e col silenzio / che come angeli perversi / si contendono il mio corpo. (Lettura da pagina 13)”

After Alda Guadalupi’s introducation the autor has underlined the symbolic value of the “gesture” as an interpretative key of some of the poems she considers among the most important and significant in her book in order to understand her poetic way.

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