“The fact is that these last two years, in various ways, have definitely marked the break-up of the war on our continent and have shown it also through those who flee: women, men, minors, infirm, entire families that, abandoning vast regions of the Middle and Far East, have set out to save their lives [….] Forced to abandon their homes, “excess”- humanity is pushed into the interstices of the world and its margins, stops having passports: there are no more consuls and guardian angels to take care of it In a word no one cares more about those who, stripped of their right to citizenship, live the suspended condition of the stateless person, deprived of the status of citizen (apolide)”(From Europa Spinata, by Carlo Saletti in From the Book of Exodus, edited by Roberta Biagiarelli, p.61).

Naked life is life without citizenship, no other thing is needed: without the right to citizenship, the stateless person is naked because he lacks any “juridical existence”.

“Artificial or natural as they are, cross-linked and storms are for now the barriers that isolate the” fortress Europe “, waiting for one of the summits that the leaders of EU governments are invited to regulate cadence, finally arrive the unequivocal answer on the essential question posed by the presence of refugees: how many human beings each country wants or accepts to accept? Question, as it is easily understood that can  be solved only on the transnational level and on the shared principle that those who flee must be returned, first of all juridical existence (ibid, p.63)

From bare life to juridical  existence, right to citizenship sets the conditions for the integration and solution of reception problems, which cease to be problems, become part of the normal establishment of the city, where difficulties they are not lacking but constitute themselves the connective tissue of a shared work of construction between values ​​and relationships, distribution and production of wealth and “goods”.