About Civil Obedience / Disobedience. For a critique of contemporary ethics.

A strong theme of democracy, which has animated entire movements of which no one would deny the positive historical outcomes.
The two terms “disobedience” and “civil” have a dignity and a role in the history of our thinking on the “city” and therefore of our action in community. We must then reflect on the role of obedience and discipline in the construction and in the preservation of the “city.” If it should continue to be claimed as necessary and irrefutable or if instead it is not possible, in the short term, to focus on the other term “civil”.
Civil disobedience is openly posed within the “city”, that is, in the spaces of living and relationships. Civil disobedience, therefore, recalls all those who care about the city, cohabitation, harmony, which is also made of order but not necessarily of disciplined hierarchical obedience, to face problems, openly and solve them from within of their placing in the spaces in which they are placed, taking into account the relationships from which the spaces are inhabited. (about the “Riace model” and the arrest of the mayor who realized it).
Obedience to the Constitution and international treaties
saving lives is simply right.
Ethics and the “city”
The “city” is the end and the beginning of all justice. Criticism of contemporary ethics.
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