An exciting Poetry meeting with the poests of “Poetry and Solidarity”.

Hari Bertoja read:


Amidst the grey of sulphuric waters
it has swayed since the beginning of history,
each wave has already reached its shore
but the sail can’t leave the middle of the sea.
In a sickly stupor it must plunge and ascend,
everything whirling into its sway
everything, like tormenting and weary dreams,
there is no end to the horror, no end.
On the side of the boat the mute
deathless sailor lean,
their eyes searing flames
they have long since wanted to put out.
But the eyes stare and stare
to cach the dawn;
o, this primeval, primordial quest –
herds of fog hurry over the sea.
If it were the heart, it would become speechless,
if it were the soul, it would wear out,
if dreams, the fog would cover them,
if tears, they would turn to stone.


Traduzione a cura di Bert Pribac e David Brooks, dal libro “The Golden Boat: selected poems of Srecko Kosovel”, 2008