The third meeting organized within the Project “Ethics of voluntary service and Human Solidarity took place in the great Hall of Androna Baciocchi (University of Trieste). A numerous group of the disadvantaged students of the University of Trieste participated. The meeting was organized with the Collaboration of Prof. Paolo Alessi, delegate of the rector of the University and the staff of the ofice for disadvantaged students in the university.  The meeting was titled “our citizenship”. “Our citizenship” is the “citizenship of everyone”: of people who experience communitarian life with their committements and values. For this reason “our citizenship” is also a project and it is going to be the project through which students who utilize supports offered by the University in order to overcome difficulties  connected with their disability, want to start to launch a sign beyond this situation, among all other students, among all people who will listen to them.

The meeting has been the first of a series of meetings programmed in order to free speak about different topics, but also  to produce literary or artistic culture involving other representative of the citizenship and culture.