Marina Torossi Tevini has introduced my book “Le molte case dei miei ritorni” (Ibiskos Editrice Risolo 2012) and dialogued with me about poetry, through my Poetry and my poems. [see critical review of Giancarlo Micheli and Michele Alessio].

I couldn’t expect an audience so wide, attentive and warm. And then… so many letters!

I want to copy this only one:

Dear Gabriella,

this eveining I wanted to explode during your presentation. An inner explosion -above all wehn you spoke about the relationship between love and knowledge.  I became aware that I forgot a part of my sensibility, that I have buried it these last years when i feel me obliged to belong to my fault; I became

aware that I have been a loser without making any other a winner.[…]

If I only will be able to make visible a little bit of your gift in my video, i will be a vehicle of knowledge; I would have appeased and nurished the duties of my hearth against the necessity to indicate to the others, through words and art all marvels wich pass unknown whereas they would deserve much more.
Also for this reason I wanted to do a documentary. I wanted to act because, as your example shows, the word is guided by our “beeing there”, by the consciuos work devoted to other people, and not by the word prnounced as an end in itself. People feel to deserve more from themselves when staying with you, Gabriella. I think that exactly this fact, sometimes, move them away from you:  the inability or the lack of engagement  to change. You are the personification of the “good consciusness”, in your poems as well as in the reality. This your aspect can be aknowledged in your poems: they are written through your eyes, but in a dimension which is far from the eyes light years
I feel free to write this way because it is as if I would speak with myself. This is my fear and my challange against my future and life. This is a lot of sorrow, just while a hope shows how the greyness may become colored with joy.
Therefore thank you to you and to Ottavio, who goes with you all your life, as you feel, in this your “form” that one wish so much to imitate! (H.)
I don’t know if I deserve so much. But I see in this words a sign of the  long years I devoted to research and love.
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