On thursday November 15th 2012 – at 6.15 p.m, Launching of my new book of poems: LE MOLTE CASE DEI MIEI RITORNI, afterword by Claudia Azzola. Intorduces Marina Torossi Tevini. Wellcome by Antonietta Risolo.

Caffè San Marco – via Cesare Battisti 18 –  Trieste

(from the foreword by Gabriella Valera Gruber to the Reader)

 “This collection came up almost alone. […] Its title is a verse which for a long time resound in my soul without a following entire  poem…Actually I found later that at least three poems were generated from that incipit that my deepest consciusness had repeated so many times! […] Everything was corresponding to a necessity under that title,  like the alternation between  loneliness and love, covered routes and  missed or found homecoming, everyday life and History: everything was necessary according to the transcendency of the meanings and  personal contingencies; because originate together life and poetry from the same source.

 This book is dediacated to my husband Ottavio, but also to my mohter and my father, to my brothers and the great family generated by them, to the people who loved me very much and also a little to people who didn’t love me, to all the young  I meet and  met in the places of my work and  my civil engagment, to all people who looked at me, taking or giving some comfort. This book is dedicated to the infinite humanity around us”.